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Listing of Leadership coming soon.

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Standing Committees

Section 1. The Standing Committees shall be created to support the elected officers, Executive Director, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors in carrying out their various functions aimed towards the attainment of the organization’s vision and purpose.

Section 2. Each Standing Committee shall be led by a Chairperson appointed by the President from the ranks of the Board of Directors members-at-large with the consent of the Board of Directors.

Section 3. The Board of Directors may increase or decrease the number of Standing Committees. Currently, there are eight (8) Standing Committees.

These are:
A. Membership Committee. This committee shall lead the organization’s efforts to recruit and retain members. It is responsible for designing and implementing programs that will attract new members and will make them feel good about their affiliation with the organization. The Membership Committee shall organize and coordinate activities that will get and keep members eng... Read More

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History of the CVA   Leadership   Membership Information   
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